Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3 DIVISION [C1-1]
Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3 DIVISION [C1-1]
Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3 DIVISION [C1-1]
Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3 DIVISION [C1-1]
Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3 DIVISION [C1-1]


Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3 DIVISION [C1-1]

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- 80 Pages
-Age: 6-8 years
- Full Color
- Kumon Publishing
- Paperback

= About this Book =
Kumon Math Workbooks are based on the Kumon Method, a learning system that has helped children worldwide develop math and reading skills for the last 50 years. Each workbook is designed to help your child master a specific mathematical skill in a step-by-step manner, with a logical progression and plenty of repetition to reinforce important concepts.

The content of these workbooks is aligned to state math standards to ensure each child is learning appropriate material for his or her grade level. The purpose behind each book is to help your child master one specific mathematical skill in a comprehensive manner. Within each workbook, concepts are introduced gradually and built upon one another so that your child can advance through the grade school math curriculum without frustration or anxiety.

When it comes to math, the old saying "practice makes perfect" is especially true. Our workbooks provide more step-by-step practice and repetition than most other workbooks available so that your child has the opportunity to truly master these vital math skills, as well as gain confidence in his or her math abilities and become a self-motivated learner.

= If Your Child Find This Book Difficult =
If your child finds a certain section of this workbook difficult, we recommend providing additional practice and repetition as a solution. Have your child go back to a section of the workbook that he or she finds easier and then progress through the workbook to the difficult section again to ensure that your child has mastered earlier concepts that will help with the difficult section.

= To Parents =
This workbook is designed for children to complete by themselves. By checking their answers and correcting the errors on their own, children can master important academic skills and also foster a sense of independence that will help them develop into self-motivated learners.

At Kumon, we believe that each child should do work according to his or her current ability, rather than his or her age or grade level. Below is our star system guide that can help you determine the difficulty of each section within this book.

If the entire workbook is too easy or too difficult for your child, please choose another Kumon Math Workbook with the appropriate level of difficulty.