Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)
Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)
Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)
Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)
Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)
Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)


Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)

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Product details of Kumon Thinking Skills Logic Workbook (Pre-K and Up)
• 80 Pages
• Pre-K& up
• Full Color
• Kumon Publishing
• Paperback


Pre-K Logic gives child an opportunity to develop his or her logical thinking skills through activities such as making comparisons, distinguishing real from pretend, and analyzing patterns.

Skills are introduced in a step-by-step manner that allows your child to master each in turn without frustration. Over the course of the book, the difficulty level of the activities increases, as your child gains confidence in his or her ability to think logically.


Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks were developed in coordination with the Kumon Method, a learning system that has helped children master math and reading skills for over 50 years. Each workbook in the series offers engaging activities to promote the development of thinking skills that are crucial for a lifetime of success.

The goal of Kumon Method is to help children develop their abilities beyond their age and grade level. With Kumon, children begin working at a level that matches their abilities and progress at their own pace through a logical, step-by-step sequence of exercises, reviewing concepts as needed until they gain proficiency. The Kumon program starts with developing fine motor skills so that children can hold and use a pencil properly, followed by writing letters and numbers. Another way children can start developing their abilities is through practicing thinking skills such as understanding, interpreting, and applying information. Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks are based on this second approach.

At Kumon, we believe in inspiring all children with a love of learning. That’s why we designed this series as a way to help children improve their thinking skills while having fun, rather than as an assessment tool. The sample images and responses in this book are examples only. They are primarily intended to provide guidance for children and parents. As your child gains confidence, he or she may begin to rely less and less on the sample images at the beginning of the activities. Offer praise for your child’s hard work even if he or she has trouble completing a task. This approach will help your child cultivate a positive attitude toward learning.

The skills addressed in this series were selected through consultation with teachers and analysis of a broad range of national and international educational resources, including the following:
• Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
• Bloom’s Taxonomy
• Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
• Kumon Programs

Each book in the series addresses one of four skill areas:
Spatial Reasoning, Differentiation, Logic, and Creativity. Concentrating on one skill area per book allows children to stay focused and develop confidence, leading to more efficient progress.