Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)
Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)
Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)
Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)
Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)
Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)
Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)


Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)

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Product details of [Original] Kumon Grade 3-6 Math Boosters (Geometry)
- 145 Pages
- Age: 6-11 years
- Full Color
- Kumon Publishing
- Paperback

=What Do Parents Think About This Book? =
"Kumon Math Boosters are the right choices"

= Learn more Efficiently beyond Grade Level =
In school, you often learn a topic and then forget what you learned after the summer break. This workbook is designed to help with ongoing math review and practice, so you don’t forget what you've already learned, and can apply your skills to learning new topics. “The structure of this workbook is designed to help you learn more efficiently by offering help when needed and by offering challenges to boost your math proficiency.

= Develop the Ability to Think Critically and Challenge Yourself =
By attempting to solve math topics you have not yet learned at school, you will develop the ability to accept new challenges and develop critical thinking skills that will apply not only to math class but also to everyday life.

= Make Math a Favorite Subject =
For students who struggle with certain math concepts, our proven step-by-step method makes learning math logical and straightforward. For students who naturally excel in math, this workbook will provide new and challenging content that will foster their love of learning. Kumon Math Boosters are designed to make math accessible and fun for both kinds of students.

= Unique Problem Structure that Advances Step-by-Step =
This workbook alternates between problems that are broken down step-by-step, and problems that are presented without instructions or step-by-step guides. This enables students to learn math concepts in a logical, straightforward way, but also to challenge themselves and test their knowledge and problem-solving skills. One added benefit to attempting problems without guidance is that students are able to determine which topics they know and which they need more practice on.

= Our Kumon Math Boosters Series =
Our Kumon Math Boosters Series is based on the Kumon Method, a learning system that has helped children worldwide develop math and reading skills for more than 60 years. Concepts are introduced in a step-by-step manner that allows children to master each skill in turn without getting frustrated.

This series is designed to help your child not only review the skills he or she has previously learned but also to get a head start on new lessons. Use this series if your child needs a little extra help reviewing basic calculations skills or is ready to jump ahead to new math material.