Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals
Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals
Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals
Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals
Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals
Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals


Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals

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Product details of [Original] Kumon Paper Playtime - Animals
• High Quality Paper for Cutting And Pasting
• Age: 4+ years
• Full Color
• Kumon Publishing
• Paperback

1. Cut out each page from the book.
2. Cut the parts, then paste them on the base. There is clear line guiding on where to cut and where to fold.
3. Play with the completed crafts.


[Improve Your Child's Manual Dexterity]
In this book, your child will make paper come to life with scissors and glue. While practicing his or her motor skills, your child will be engaged in creating delightful crafts. By completing this book, your child will improve his or her manual dexterity and be able to cut, fold and glue with ease. Ac¬tivities that improve fine motor control skills effectively develop your child's brain.

[Expand Your Child's Desire to Learn]
My Paper Playtime series focuses on the things that children love—animals and vehicles. Your child will first create these easy-to-complete crafts by cutting, folding and pasting paper. Then, your child can play with the completed paper toy. I have included simple information about each object. By reading the information and playing with the completed paper toy, your child's curiosity will be nurtured and encouraged.

[Increase Your Child's Creative Power]
I have observed children at play for thirty years. At the children's arts center, I always teach children through imitation first. They achieve tasks by imitating until the motivation to create new things by oneself appears. I like to call this "the creative power." My Paper Playtime series offers children the pleasure of creating something from scratch. Once finished, your child will naturally want to create more. Your child will gradually become interested in creating different crafts from his or her own ideas. By making original art, your child will discover that creative power and grow his or her self-confidence.

[Enjoy Time With Your Child]
If your child cannot cut or paste well, it is okay for you to help. While guiding him or her to improve each skill, please enjoy the activities together.

When your child completes a craft, please give him or her lots of praise. Your child will be motivated to continue and improve because of your enthusiasm. Please play, together with your child, with the completed crafts. Additionally, please talk about the completed crafts and ask questions, such as, "Why is an elephant's trunk so long?" Your child will become interested in these objects and expand his or her desire to learn. Also, read with your child about the objects in illustrated reference books or visit the real things in museums or zoos.

By completing a Paper Playtime book and creating, enjoying, and talking together, you will surely expand your child’s creative power.